Certificate Management System

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Certificate Management System

This Module will Add functionality to provide certificate to Partners. Maintain history of certificate allocation. Normally Each Company provide Employee of the month, Employee of the Year, Start Performer, and many other type of certificates to their employee, Customer and vendors based on their business model. To manages such Certification process with proper history this module can be used.

Certificate Templates to make process fasterwith proper form, list and search views.
Certificate Views with Chatter to manage communication.
For Normal certification you can directly print it also.
Special User role to manage certification process.
Smart button on partner to see all allocated certificates.

Other Configuration

To use this module no technical knowledge is required. Just install module and functionality is ready to use. For more customization and help contact us.

Specifications for " Certificate Management System "

This Module will add functionality to provide a certificate to Customers, Vendors, Employees, and Users. Maintain history of certificate allocation. Certification User Certification Employee Certification Employee Certificate Product Warranty Certificate.

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